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"PUTIN WILL BE GONE WITHIN 3 YEARS": The Oligarch, the Aide, and the General...


According to breaking news from CNN, a former oligarch, "one of the richest, has assessed that Putin will be gone out of power within 3 years time".

A source of CNN has also mentioned that Abramovich (see picture) would have mentioned the following: "Russian troops' lack of preparation is a big surprise".

According to declarations to Wall Street Journal, the President of Ukraine (Zelensky) has asked the UK not to sanction Russian oligarch Roman Abramovich, hoping he can help in talks with Putin.


On the other hand, one of the top political aides of Putin has resigned.

"Anatoly Chubais is the highest-ranking individual to publicly break with Putin’s regime, with almost all Russian officials and state media maintaining a wall of silence when it comes to criticizing the president, or his invasion of Ukraine". (CNBC)

According to CNBC, "The Kremlin has since confirmed to CNBC that Chubais has left his role, without providing any further details." Chubais, a high-ranking and long-standing aide to Russian President Vladimir Putin, "has quit his role as Moscow’s climate envoy due to his opposition to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine".


Finally, "U.S. Officials Detect ‘Morale Problems’ During High-Level Meeting After Russian General Calls War in Ukraine ‘Tragic’..."

As Russian President Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine has dragged on for nearly a month, deaths are mounting. While it is unclear how many Russians have been killed in the offensive, it is in the thousands.

According to NATO, 40.000 Russian soldiers that entered Ukraine would be out of the Russian army now

As reported by The Independent on Ukraine war latest, "Russian troops could be encircled as counter-attacks disrupt Putin’s offensive, says UK"

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