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A plant does not know of reason, it knows of experience

First, we can try to feel like a rose: How much sun do I feel we have? How much have the rainy days I’ve lived changed my vegetal behavior and my possibilities of growing as the other roses around? And when should I let my thorns show up? Asking these questions helps us to get to know ourselves better, and understand the way we grow . This is the only way we can embrace the qualities of the person we want to be, and correct those behaviors and reactions that make us avoid electing fields and years similar to the ones where we DON’T want to flourish. Life is a matter of experience. Instinctive Flourishing and Relations Most people don’t know that our vegetal life is linked to our animal instincts and has direct repercussions over our human passions with which we rock. Treason towards our beliefs is worse than betrayal against our nature. The instinct does not exist in flowers, unfortunately. They just come and go, cooperate, offer color, smell and sugar to insects, that like politicians, just go from flower to flower, stealing sugar but bringing life and freedom in their insect legs. That way, in democracy, trust is not important anymore: bees are bees and flowers are flowers. The problem of a flower would be if they would embrace instinctive love for the power of bees for flying and if they would not let them steal their money, their sugar, that is there not for them as plantas, but for the new plants and other roses in order to create a stronger DNA for the next months and years. We all survive by using other species that think they are smarter. Love for Politics For example, when we lose a loved one or say goodbye, our first reaction is to hug the corpse. This hug is the first thing we also feel for politicians, and that is what they sell in their campaigns. If we would think twice, we would not hug a corpse, neither a politician. When we hug them, we can get infected, and later we will not feel like hugging a friend: they are not alive anymore. Our hug was inspired in life, like does a rose, like does a dog, like a mammal does. If we relate to pols by emotions and our instinct to support someone with power or good ideas, we start losing our head, creating space for the feelings to destroy reason, and we convert in their dogs, or even harder, in their flowers extracted for their parties. Roses don´t care for sharing, we should not focus on what we give away either. We should focus in how much will we need to grow for passing the years of clouds and taxes. We cannot trust to have a good economic climate over by hand of any third particular person. Many times a hug to a politician is encouraged by a feeling of loss because of a previous bad experience with another politician. When we do not rationalize, we are also death. When one sees the hug among the politician we have hugged and had promised us revenge over other politicians that cheated and now hug, each other, we feel treason in our skin, and then, that experience opens our minds for understanding all the signals that we ignored under the force of the instinct of being part of a political party. Flowers are used by all political parties. Dogs eat in all the houses. Political cheating is only possible because we get in love with politicians. They are not our mothers, our fathers, our brothers, or our friends. If we open our houses to them, it means we are opening doors to emotional treason. A person gets stronger if she feels not like a real fool. I am sure we all are part of those who encountered ourselves cheated by politics in our daily life with a name of a politician (him or her) being now hated due to the passion involved in the decision of trusting, voting, and supporting a political party. Do not love a politician, love yourself The thing is, that even though we act upon an encouragement in the background. The moment of giving a hug, we do not go through a particular thinking process: I’ve had so many experiences with this person, I have so many lessons out of this person, I have a history with this person. I love this person. I’m gonna approach this person. I’m gonna open my arms. I’m gonna hug him or her.
NOOO We just act. We hug and that’s it. The same happens when we kiss and when we scream, when we laugh and when we smile, or when we cry. It’s completely instinctive. Our ways of transmitting love and those spontaneous reactions, are a reflection of the feelings inside us. The most important thing is to educate and lead them towards what’s positive and what really matters. Because, as there are passions inspired by good feelings, there are passions inspired by negative feelings. Educate your passions What feelings are inspiring my heart? It is important to educate our instincts to react through love and to stay put when hatred and selfishness want to reign over our hearts. Be careful with this though, educating our passions does not mean repressing them. Someone who has no passions is not moved by anyone or anything. Most of the time people confuse prudence for eliminating our personality or changing who we are. Prudence is being the best version of ourselves and living the unique moments in our lives in a unique and free way not dominated by negative feelings. Sometimes when we have a traumatic experience, what we learn from it is to close ourselves to the world, protect our hearts, and always expect the worse out of people. Or when we have a fight with someone, pride and resentment rule over the rest of our emotions. Sometimes these feelings of fear, pride, and resentment are worse than those of hatred. We can’t go through life like zombies because we are scared to be exposed to risks. Will I be received? Will I be rejected? Will they like me? What will happen? All those feelings take away the passion that’s inside us.
Each moment that one lives is unique and won’t repeat again. Many times we stop living beautiful moments that pass out as blessings through our life out of fear, anger, or resentment. The heart does not know of reason, it knows of experience This is why I say the heart does not know of reason, but it does know of experience. Sometimes we think what’s best for us is one thing. Then, there’s a milestone in our life, and it turns out that the best thing for us was something else. When something like this happens, rationality goes nowhere, and our way of seeing life changes completely. This is good because it means we have matured. When this things happen to us, we need to change for the better and not for the worse. We can only do this when we recognize these moments and we understand our feelings and reactions to them. Quotes by Christie Lee L. Jampolsky says “Ask yourself what is really important and then have the courage to build your life around your answer.” The first part may seem easy, and finding the courage to build your life around it may seem harder. But if we don’t understand what really matters and do not have our priorities straight, then finding the courage to do it won’t matter. Both are really important and it will only work when we start listening to our heart, and educating our passions. Doing this will give us freedom and make us happier. Because freedom is not being able to do whatever you want whenever you want. Freedom is having control over our acts and not being slaves of our own feelings and fears. ... Adapted from: , Javiera Salazar

A plant does not know of reason, it knows of experience
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