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Isabel, Joseph, Edson, Mijail, Shinzo, Lata, Pablo: How great lives!

The Great: Isabel II, Benedicto XVI, Pelé, Gorbachov, Abe, Mangeshkar, Milanés: Rest in peace.

2022 took away with it, the top lives of the 20th Century in society, religion, sports, politics, and arts.

I feel orphan, and for sure, many of us can remember of a couple of great lives, close to each of us, that went away during 2022: grandparents, parents, older siblings, and masters of life in our family or friends, the community, or our networks. In my personal case, it also took my two top masters at home and at academia: Beatriz and Michael, my mother, and my global professor of public economics of social protection financing and governance.

We all have this deep sorrow of feeling like orphans of great humans for embracing this challenging 2023.

How do we walk from here?

The United Kingdom, the Vatican, Brazil, Russia, Japan, India, and Cuba: they will have to find their ways without the lights of role models in tradition, faith, geniality, clarity, honor, and joy. We will have to do the same in our day-by-day. Without our anchors from the 20th Century, we will have to embrace the challenge of technology, networks, nature, and the role we have in leading for creating a better world in the 21st Century, the same as the great ones did for us in the last Century.

Our parents and mothers as role models did their best and now they rest in peace. It is our time: a year of DIALOGUE, for engaging all the sectors using technologies, putting communities first, and serving with gratuity and gratitude.

I am sure: if we serve during all the hours of our days, working for the rest during all hours of each day, enjoying every minute, we will follow the example of our great mentors and will serve those we are self-obliged now to serve.

This is the year of the Freemium Hexagon Dialogue: We will serve a couple of projects per person with 100 new leaders who want to make, at our humble scale, the maximum impact in their life and the communities around them.

We want to create agreements to make common PEACE: policies, environment, arts, culture, and economics. We are going to release the chains of our Santa Cruz Network of Impact Hexagonal Investors from the six sectors we serve: 1) public, 2) private, 3) third sector, 4) academic media, community, and global investors.

We are sure that if we follow the example of our mothers and professors during 2023, and if we get inspired by the example of the great but gone Isabel II, Benedicto XVI, Pelé, Gorbachov, Shinzo Abe, Lata Mangeshkar, Pablo Milanés, and our own list of role models who have transcended, we will be able to serve with love.

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