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Dear friends, this time challenges us and takes us, politically-speaking, out of our comfort zone.

Our world of people studied and professional or seasoned by age and work is pretty much covered for victory in electoral processes when democracy exists and is trustable in our districts.

It is in the World where there is no internet, there is no education, and there is no reading ability where we have to act carrying powerful and real messages.

Outside the metropolitan areas, in the deep territories.

The Tik Tok App succeeds because of that: it's just the moving picture that communicates the message.

Radio and TV are still essential. Getting through these channels is mandatory, but that is traditionally also quite covered in the big communication and corporative channels.

The social-networks remain a challenge for those with social ideas, where people who are complicated by the crisis do not have time or memory in their phones to watch videos, and therefore, enter in applications or sites that have the memory to offer contents.

Technology is, that way, an emancipatory tool. When well used with short videos, and the best: memes, but not in the line of making damage to the other, but for proposing and connecting, inspiring and mobilizing communities of knowledge, action, and impact.

if we act with values ​​and principles, our capacity becomes positive.

We want to work that line at this time from and its "Politics Pub" for Acceleration of Leadership.

What do you think, dear reader and friend, that we can do there, where you live, at distance, but together -virtually- there, using the platform?

For now, We are promoting with success a line of action for impact investment projects that is bringing together those who have ideas and those who have capital, the same as it is bringing both of them together with those who do not have a job but can work.

Not only that, All those in the previous paragraph are getting in touch with those who do not have a profession, but are studying or are social leaders.

If for the last, you would like to subscribe and then become a palladium member, you would help us grow this cause and platform. Yes you can! Yes we can!

All good things,


Want to join and contribute?

You are welcome in advance!

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