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Diplomatic ways are under stress after the actions taken by Donetsk, Luhansk, and Russia.

  1. Putin has recognized as republics the pro-Russian Ukrainian Donetsk and Luhansk after their declaration of independence some hours ago.

  2. Rusia has sent "peace" troops to Donetsk and Luhansk after their declaration of independence.

  3. Unemployed East Ukrainians escaping from the separatists and regime in Donetsk and Luhansk are "choosing between war vs radiation" (Deutsche Welle) migrating to the Chernobyl zone.

  4. Volodymir Zilenksy has accused Russia of violating its territory (a Russian invasion) and has asked for support from the West.

  5. Joe Biden and the USA have forbidden the trade of goods, services, and technology with Donetsk and Luhansk, and announced sanctions while they still wait for diplomacy to work.

  6. Daniel Ortega and Nicaragua support Russian actions.

  7. Moscow's conduct is unacceptable has said Mario Draghi and Italy, indicating that Dialogue is needed but sanctions are coming.

  8. The European Union analyses sanctions to Russia, indicating that sanctions will affect specific persons ("Oligarchs", in special those linked to energy trade: oil & gas)

  9. 40% of the gas consumed in Europe is Russian.

  10. Germany has suspended the license of the gasoduct of Nord Stream 2.

  11. United Nations Security Council has started an emergency meeting.

  12. Brent Crude Oil has reached 97.64 US$/b at 9h00 Chile time.

  13. Inflation will affect global economies, starting with energy costs.

  14. The total package of sanctions that have been in preparation during the last weeks will not be emitted waiting for a diplomatic talk and coming back from Russia. It would be released in case Russia takes a full invasion of Ukraine.

  15. The meeting between the USA (Joe Biden) and Russia (Vladimir Putin) is not viable and will get discarded if Russia takes further military actions in the coming hours.

Meanwhile, 3 new steps have evolved:

A. Putin has said that Ukraine does not have a strong historic culture and tradition as a nation

B. Members of the opposition in Russia have received visible pressure to back Putin

C. Jens Stoltenberg, NATO´s Secretary-General mentioned that more (additional) Russian troops have moved into Donbas.

Even under the effects of COVID19, Queen Elizabeth II has suspended all the agenda and devoted the journey of 22022022 to actually work for Peace, as She has proven since 7 decades of power:

The UK has sanctioned five Russian banks and it is expected a financial"pariah status" for Vladimir Putin "if he takes further action against Ukraine". Boris Johnson told lawmakers today that people "will struggle to understand or to contemplate how, in the year 2022, a national leader might calmly and deliberately plot the destruction of a peaceful neighbor."

"Yet the evidence of his own words suggest that is exactly what President Putin is doing," he said.

Finally, the President of the USA has said that "Russia can no longer raise money from the West"

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