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Here we can see how fast Omicron is attacking human beings on a global scale:

4 Facts

1. As can be seen over time, Omicron has created a tie among Europe and the Americas at the beginning of 2022 in terms of confirmed cases of COVID19.

2. At the beginning of the crisis the Americas grew rapidly while Europe and South East Asia followed.

3. During the last months of the last year, and due to the fact of differences over the will for receiving inoculation, Europe had shown a rapid increase in cases compared to other continents/regions.

4. The last 2 weeks have created an explosion of confirmed cases that took the records from levels of 5 billion human beings to 15 billion.

Fortunately, the inoculation and vaccination created evidence of effectiveness, where deaths/week did not grow, and even decreased at the same time that cases tripled -or kept well above 10 million cases per week-:

During the last year, and thanks to inoculation, weekly deaths caused by COVID19 have come down from 100 thousand people to 50 thousand, with a trend that tends to go down and hopefully should terminate in situations where each country can keep the new normality working even when contagions grow in an exponential shape.

In the Americas, the map shows records of doses and completely vaccinated people in the Caribbean and Chile, having 12 countries among those which have performed the best:

The list of South-American countries with the best performance in persons fully vaccinated per 100 population starts with Chile and its 86.71%, followed by Uruguay with 77.06%, Argentina with 73.42%, and Ecuador with 72.45%.

Other not South-American countries below Chile are the following: Puerto Rico, Cuba, and Canada. The top American (Caribbean) country is the Cayman Islands with 87.31%, 27 points over the global level of 50%.

If the ranking is organized by Total vaccine doses administered per 100 population, Cuba is in the top 1 position, followed by Chile. In this case, Ecuador enters among the top ten countries of the Americas:

Under this indicator, Peru enters also among the 12-countries.

Speeding inoculation is always important: a matter of life vs death.

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