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(0) Sadly, Day Zero has arrived: "Putin issued a warning last night ahead of launching the full-scale invasion of Ukraine. In his address, Putin warned anyone “who might be tempted to meddle in the ongoing events: whoever tries to stand in our way or create threats for our country … people should know Russia’s response will be immediate and lead you to consequences you have never encountered in your history"."

Putin´s view of the World has been emitted by his Foreign Relations Minister, who has said that the West does not respect international law, mentioning a "tit for tat" answer to economic sanctions that -for the moment- is a military answer, not politic, nor diplomatic, neither economic:

(1) "Russia launches major assault on Ukraine; missiles said to hit Kyiv, other cities"

(2) "Russia-Ukraine conflict latest: Missiles rain down on Ukrainian cities in biggest European invasion since World War Two"

(3) "Assault on Kyiv: Russian helicopters swoop above Ukraine's capital as Putin launches all-out invasion from north, south, and east, with cruise missiles hitting airports and military bases, tanks rolling in and scores killed"

UN, UK, EU, NATO, CIA have talked to the BBC during the last hours, answering the threat sent by the Kremlin and Vladimir Putin, who has said that any interference to his armed invasion and military actions from other countries will receive an immediate military answer from Russia. Nato Chief has mentioned: "Now we have a war in Europe".

The conservative government in London, via Boris Johnson, has mentioned that the UK will defend freedom in Ukraine. The leader of the British Labor Party has shown the needed unity of the country and supported the governmental call for freedom and the right to be united, take a stand, do the right thing, and prove that Putin is wrong, and should be stopped after his lack of credibility for the situation in Crimea, Georgia, and now Ukraine.

Japan and South Korea have added themselves to the USA, the UK, and the European Union in the economic sanctioning to Russia.

Meanwhile, in Latin America, Nicaragua has supported the military answer of Putin, while President Piñera and the President-Elect Boric in Chile have gathered together with their Foreign Relations top leaders. As a result, Chile´s right and left have agreed on a single national answer, and the Chilean State has called Russia to retire its troops from Ukraine and negotiate a peaceful exit to the conflict.

The Vatican has asked believers to pray: "Pope Francis Asks World Christians To Pray For Peace In Ukraine This Ash Wednesday" (4)


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