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As of today, 21st of May, 2023, and since the 12th of February of 2020, ADN@+ has been 1,194 days on the cloud: 3 years elapsed, reaching 51,832 total sessions from 29,784 total remanent users (as part of the 30,075 new users that have reached our site).

As of today, 1,361 users have reached our main landing page (, meaning that 25 total users per day have visited our main page (our virtual office).

That means that, per each day in the air, we have devoted the equivalent of 19 minutes per user, attending 3 total users per business hour.

If we consider the more than 50 thousand sessions, it implies we have on average, 2 sessions per user.

That way, we have had the opportunity to serve our readers with 11 minutes per session.

We have an average of 8.64% bounce, implying that we actually devote 10 minutes of our time (per session) to our users, who (without bounce) devote 1 minute of reading per session in return.

If we consider that the average income of the Latin American CEO is of 15000 USD/month, the worth of a CEO minute is US$ 1.56/minute.

The total production of value, under that benchmark reaches over 90000 US$ of value generated in 3 years: approximately 30000 US$/year.

If we are 30000 users now, the price of the subscription to ADN@+ should be 1US$/year.

Would you be willing to contribute with at least 1 US$/year for reading us?

Willingness to Contribute US$ 1/year

  • Yes, 1 US$/annum is fine

  • No, it should be free

  • Other:

You can always be part of Santa Cruz Network if your answer was "other"...



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