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Saturday Night Fever was top for my elder brothers and sisters. The eldest 3 lived the 60s in fashion, while the second 3 lived the 70s in joy. We, the youngest 3 lived the 80s in full.

In the 80s and 90s, my elder brothers and sisters began to have their children, and we, the ones born in the 60s, took care of them as part of a big family, while they worked, some days, in the working week time.

I remember myself studying for my high school tests, and doing homework while taking care of my Millenial nephews at my parents' house. They were good for playing Legos before entering the nursery, and we enjoyed very much the time together during week time. They are all grown up now and work their jobs as they are: happily and with plenty of productivity.

What I remember the most were Saturdays: It was Saturdays' Fever: all run, all play, all noise (good one), all singing old and new songs, and all eating together, as a big family: the 9 brothers, and sisters, and the children, plus the girlfriend and boyfriend of any of us, the 3 youngest, plus my parents.

That is our ADN@+: we all learned a lot from those days, in special from my mother teaching us how to drive a small society of 30 each Saturday, all together, cooperating, having talks about politics, economics, arts, communities, and environment. Our Saturdays were days when the youngest among the 9 brothers and sisters learned a lot from the jobs and challenges of our oldest brothers, plus the recommendations of our parents, from their own experience of people with more than 50 years on their shoulders.

Many of what I write here in ADN@+ blog comes from that unique experience of being someone aged now 50+, writing on top of 100+ years of experience, but connected with those guys who are now driving the knowledge of their institutions and their own challenges. Now, we do not talk so much, and in fact, many of us live out of Ecuador (logically, after the 80s started the new times of globalization).

Saturdays are special for me, when I write because I miss that fever of having the whole family eating together and sharing the feelings, the music, and the noisy company of 5, 10, 20, or 30 people of my closest ADN@+, including not only family but friends at home.

Many of those who read me will probably share the experience of talking openly in large groups (in a community), knowing that the community is the center of all. Many of us know that Saturdays were made for communities in order to act together: sharing the knowledge.

The knowledge always grows and is plenty of news each Saturday. The heat is on, is on the streets; lets keep reading together now that we cannot talk and eat all together...

Here the music for enjoying the day, and in this Holly Saturday, praying together. This is a special Saturday, when a friend of my family and the families of many of us, went down to make clear that he gave everything for us in order for having all of us close to him, reading his word, and being together through the scriptures of his Holly Word. Yeah... The Heat is On!

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