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China´s government rules Chinese Society: they are Communist Capitalists since Deng Xiaoping (22 August 1904 – 19 February 1997), also known by his courtesy name Xixian (希贤) talked about cats and mice, colors, and hunting.

In the Western World, we are also capitalists now, but we are only that. In China, they are also communists; in the Western World, we are no longer Christians.

How to become strong again in order to avoid a world that is projected for 2027-2030 as a Communist Capitalist World?

One way to see it is a decision to go back to our roots, and to what has worked for us in global history: being Christians.

Yes, capitalism is fundamental, but it is only a part of our lives: we can all make money or business; the question is what is the worth of that.

If money is the goal, life can be -still- a mess.

I admire those Christians that can live without money; many of them are even Communists. Communism has become stronger by being part of global capitalism and by even abandoning the old doctrine of the Marxist talk about opium and faith.

If even Communists become Christians, why cannot we, liberals, become voluntarily Christians and decide freely to love the other as we love the self?

We are not obliged by any rule now to be part of a church in the Western World. We have erased the "God" word from our constitutions, laws, books, culture, and relationships. In a spiritual sense, we are poorer now.

I see Nancy Pelosi desperately going to Taiwan, and Joe Biden killing the leader of the Taliban with drones: a matter of money and power indeed in the global competition with China and Iran, in the middle of a global war where Christian-Asian-oriented Russia goes against a European Union that did not accept the suggestion of (now) Saint (Pope) JPII (the Great) for including God in the European Constitution.

God does not punish, but we hurt ourselves when we go away from eternity as a goal.

Strength is not always a matter of weapons and muscles.

Our work in Santa Cruz Network is to get Christians together again, working with non-Christians as well, in Hexagonal Dialogue, for creating a stronger Capitalism: one of Impact Investments, that could distribute voluntarily without the need of a State for doing what corporations and families can do themselves by working with communities.

We can always go back to basics: perform better as human entrepreneurs and business people, by doing our negotiations not only depending on the importance of money and power (totally necessary, but totally insufficient as well).

We should walk the talk in business missions to Catholic countries, to Christian countries, in order to communicate better in an ecumenical way with Anglicans, with Protestants, and of course, after our own networking as Western Countries and Continents, talk with the Agnostics in our territories, with the good Atheists that are the ruling people in our lands, and generate a stronger America (as a continent), and a powerful NATO (as a western society), not because of having nuclear power, but because we have the power of love in our businesses and its impacts over the global society.

Without Impact Investment, seen not only as a business of welfare but as a matter of culture, we will keep divided in the old well-known class fight and sooner or later, will be conquered by our old or permanent communist rivals: the societies with faith in something beyond money and welfare are more equipped for winning in a state of warfare.

Latin America can defeat the narco by adopting a stronger medicine than drugs: faith.

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