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The World needs (and has) a Preventive Vaccine against Brainwashing and Money Laundering.

Economics and Economists have developed for decades theory and analytical tools able to deal with those issues, their symptoms, and fundamentals, creating Preventive Political Vaccines in the form of Game Theory useful for Political Dialogues, plus Social, Rational and Public Choice as treatments for Social Impactful Policies:


Salazar (2022): PEACES-Algorithm uses Graph Theory (Discrete Math) that contains data on how to abandon war, based on multiple equilibria in Politics, Environment, Arts, Culture, Economy, and Society.


Nowadays, technological Goebbels´ Brain Washing tactics keep -80 years later- creating political bubbles. Their financers invest in creating and nurturing armies of trolls able to combat in the media and social networks arena in order to polarize societies to the edge, creating centrifugal forces instead of centripetal trends.

Centrifugal Forces are fed by Brainwashing and nurtured by Money Laundering based on War. On the opposing side are Dialogue and Investment which both (together) create Centripetal Forces for PEACE.

On the Centrifugal Dynamics, Brainwashing and Money Laundering, both create, feed, nurture, provoke, and organize cells, takes, conflicts, populism, and leaderships in forums that first create chaos, and later gain power and money for the few collaborators that share the strategy as useful regional brainwashers and as the ultimate local money launderers.


Many areas of Politics, Environment, Arts, Culture, the Economy, and Society are captured by centrifugal forces that have polarized those inside the old bubbles, making it hard for Chancilleries, Institutions, Banks, Peace-Makers, Youngsters, and Global Players to create the old Centripetal Forces that shaped the Western Culture, Academy, International Institutions, Republics, States, Corporations, and Communities.

The liberal world is under attack even in its keystone: The Family.

All the aspirations of families are now under attack by Mafias that control de Data and have access to Information about Titles, Positions, Businesses, Foundations, Schools, High-Schools, and Universities wherever a person or leader could have obtained it. Fake replicas of those valuable Family Goals are for sale on the Dark Web, creating a Red-Lined "Hexagon" of Fake-States, Fake-Enterprises, Fake-Communities, Fake-CSOs (Civil Society Organizations), Fake-Universities, and Fake-Investors. Trust is under attack via the ultimate weapon: Fake-News.


Byung-Chul Han, the post-modern Philosopher has shown how the ancient Plato's Cavern Myth of the Shadows requires Truth and Love as generators of Social Cohesion.

While Dialogues are the vaccine, and investments are the treatment, there is a war outside of the bubbles and inside the bubbles.

Protecting the Family as the main Bubble where Love and Truth can better prevail is key, in order to create not only a Black-Lined Hexagon Dialogue centered on the real needs of Families but also for capturing data in order to create a Blue-Lined Hexagon that protects the family via Institutions that prevents populisms, takes, cells, fora, conflict, and propaganda to brainwash the general public.


Hexagon Dialogue creates a social base for inoculating antibodies that prevent, via data and information, indexes, and calculations, the brainwashing that fake news spread for affecting family members in all the families in all the countries.

If we start the treatment of polarization with the complex vaccine of Hexagon Dialogue (see Graph above), we can obtain the test of ADN@+ that creates the ESG protection (Economics, Social, and Governance) needed to embrace better the more simple Santa Cruz Network medicine of Investment at the scale of Family Businesses:


Salazar (2022): ADN@+Algorithm uses Graph Theory (Discrete Math) that contains data on how to abandon money-laundering, based on previous equilibrium in Politics, Environment, Arts, Culture, Economy, and Society, plus additional equilibrium on People, Permits, and Profits.

Once Brainwashing is inactive via Hexagon Dialogue (see graph at the beginning of this article), a new ADN@+ for real and trustable business emerges, blocking Money Laundering leadership via Red Santa Cruz Investments, always inside of the protected bubble of Family Businesses under Permanent Hexagon Dialogue for creating the centripetal forces of People working together, Permits emerging with honesty, and Profits nurturing Families and creating Capital, Work, Technology, Land Usage, and Production, Income and Welfare.

This works for all sides of the great global big bubble of information for sustaining ESG: Economics-Social-Governance.


Economics and economists have created data analytics tools since the installation of the discipline.

These days we see the war in Ukraine as a big opportunity for watching how Goebbels vs Churchill's war on propaganda still is alive on both sides of the conflict: East+Russia vs West+America.

ADN@+, Red Santa Cruz, and Hexagon Dialogue are analyzing the situation with the focus set of doing the right research and development of the 3-i's of Krugman (Interests, Ideology, and Ignorance) for replacing them with Investigation, Investment, and Impact.

Big Data and the information of our readers help us all for nurturing the base for Data Science on how bubbles are reacting on both sides: Pro-Russian and Pro-American, as Centrifugal vs Centripetal forces that now compete but in the future will cooperate. We are turning readings into data for calibrating on a daily basis the model, using Data Analytics that is a useful peaceful weapon for PEACES-Algorithm, that gains terrain for the future new-normal of Impact Investments after War, after COVID-19, and after all the several crises that we have had and we expect.

The Hexagon is the simplest complexity needed to navigate Dialogue.

The Hexagon Dialogue will never die while any person can draw Graphs and create Theories, Calculate, and develop Methodologies for Social Cohesion. Just remember this: Russian and American corporations have disputed Europe for centuries but cooperated in the past when they needed to embrace British Propaganda in order to defeat Nazi Propaganda and Nazi Army.

We, at WWW.ADNPLUS.CO.UK, have opted for a BRITISH and BENELUX Latin-American, and Global Dialogue centered on the ways Churchill managed the previous WWII in order to defeat Goebbels and Hitler, even with the help of Russian Communists.

We play against populistic brainwashing and money-laundering from mafias, and we do it by creating ADN@+PEACES algorithms that had their origin in 2004, and 2006, when our research was prized in Nottingham, England, UK.

We are here for any leader sympathetic to our global corporation that was created to love the world and serve families that want to sell or buy products, attract capital, invest, and serve other families and businesses as partners: with a common strategy, joint ventures, converging route-mappings, and time-saving advantage in its cost-effective global servicing of economic markets, the global society, and global geopolitics.

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