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Everything and nothing can happen...

Alexander Tokarev, Odessa, Ukraine

Today's situation is not bright, nor dark.

Less than 9000 US Troops in alert for entering in action, while every American is advised to leave the zone.

In 2014, the news in Europe were these...

8 years later, the news are these...

How many years will pass until the Ukrain Child can grow independent of Mother Russia´s hand?


Europe will never be free while Russia does not reach peace with NATO. Remember the 2008 Russia-Georgia War and see the Euro fall ever since.

Unfortunately, that was historical. In 1918-1921- Georgia became briefly an independent state after separating from the Russian Empire. Today, we know what has happened with Georgia, since 2008: Thirteen years on – 20% of Georgia is still occupied by Russia ...

Is something similar expected in Ukraine?

"Russia’s claim to Crimea is based on its desire for territorial aggrandizement and – more importantly – on history. As Putin and Akysonov are keenly aware, Crimea’s ties to Russia stretch back well back into the early modern period. After a series of inconclusive incursions in the seventeenth century, Russia succeeded in breaking the Ottoman Empire’s hold over Crimea with the Treaty of Küçük Kaynarca (1774), before formally annexing the peninsula in 1784. It immediately became a key factor in Russia’s emergence as a world power. Offering a number of natural warm-water harbors, it gave access to Black Sea trade routes and a tremendous advantage in the struggle for the Caucasus. Once gained, it was not a prize to be willingly surrendered, and the ‘Russianness’ of Crimea quickly became a cornerstone of the tsars’ political imagination. When a spurious dispute over custody of Christian sites in the Holy Land escalated into a battle for the crumbling remnants of the Ottoman Empire in 1853, Russia fought hard to retain its hold over a territory that allowed it to threaten both Constantinople and the Franco-British position in the Mediterranean. Almost a century later, Crimea was the site of some of the bitterest fighting of the Second World War. Recognizing its military and economic importance, the Nazis launched a brutal attempt to capture the peninsula as a site for German resettlement and as a bridge into southern Russia".

This is not an easy situation. We will keep learning and sharing about its evolution...

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