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Actualizado: 6 feb 2023

With Democracy and Elections, we all are not recovering completely PEACE, as territories and humankind for 2025-2030... That applies to Ecuador, Chile, Latin America, the United States, America in general, Spain, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, Europe in general, the Commonwealth, Asia, Oceania, and Africa. We all need more than democracy and elections: we need peace.

Democracy and elections help in selecting statal authorities, but: what if we could replace politicians and institutions with technological platforms governed by algorithms "peacing" societies (hexagons) after policy dialogues?

That is what ADN@+, Hexagon Group Lat-Am/UK-Global, and Santa Cruz Network of Impact Investors are developing since the 4th of September of 2022 from Chile, until the 11th of September of 2023 with the Freemium Hexagon Dialogue Initiative, which is selecting 100 global leaders for donating them 10 Workshops (each) using Hexagon Toolkit (TM).

The market value of 1 Hexagon Toolkit Workshop (for negotiating project's policies) has traditionally been of US$ 7.000,00 each, and the Impact Investment Acceleration Process has normally been of 5 workshops, for negotiating the 5 following policies in each project´s planning, programming, participation, processes, and prices.


If you are waiting for a President, or a National or Local Political Party, for solving public policies, before investing and impacting a business and community, you will probably either be a public or private worker, or a business follower and not necessarily a leader. If that is the case, we should talk about politics someday, but not work about policies today.

The Santa Cruz Network was founded on November 15th, 2019 in Washington DC, in the space of George Washington University, as part of the interests of its "Coordination of Special Projects", after an invitation of that Academic Partner to the author. The idea walked the talk and was accepted by a jet-set of Hexagonal leaders of America: USA, Chile, Ecuador, Perú, Colombia, Brazil, Argentina, Mexico, Paraguay, Colombia, and other democracies.

Cuban, Nicaraguan, and Venezuelan leaders were not invited because they were totally busy fighting for the basic and necessary condition (not sufficient for working on impact investment): recovering their democracies and elections, and only then being able to speak about territories able to receive investment for impacting privately as part of our good continent.


The Santa Cruz Network is oriented not only to America, but towards global businesses with Europe, Asia, Africa, and Oceania: based on democracy and elections first, but working on PEACE, at a global scale between 2025 and 2029, before it is too late, 2030 onwards:

There are many ways to understand "PEACE" and its ramifications. The way we understand it, at ADN@+ is the following one: "peacing"...

p : prices (power: -1, project's platform pricing policies)

e : exchange real/rates (power: 0, project´s planning policies)

a : assets/apps (power: 1, project´s programming policies)

c : communities/credit (power: 2, project´s community participation policies)

i : interest rates (power: 3, project´s global financial processing policies)

n : nationals number (power: 4, project´s public pricing policies)

g : governments/regulators (power: 5, project´s public governing policies)

If you develop impact investments this way, it does not matter what is the result of a democratic election in Latin countries or America, or the UK, the Commonwealth or the Global markets.

You will always be "peacing" your portfolio.


Remember: you are trying to create a cross-sector partnership platform that incorporates technology: "".

It is all about agreeing on policies, basically, with the family (e.g. your nuclear family) that will own your platform. Later, you can agree on policies with the international family businesses network, interested in your platform-development plans (e.g. Red Santa Cruz). After that, you can agree, again, on policies with your digital or technological partners for programming your solutions and tools (private business partners). Once you have your family, your network, and your team with you, you will have half of your hexagonal business power with you.

Then, you can develop your customers' community and start to assign credits for their usage of your tools.

The flow of funds and interests gained (your own fintech) will allow you to re-enter in the traditional financial markets, in order to pay your debts, maintain your family and business expenses, cover your costs, and invest for creating impact at a minor "pilot" scale, during 1, 3 or 6 months.

If you have developed a well-positioned and global platform idea you will have peace, no matter what are the democratic results in your territory during that or the following quarters, semesters, or years.

The rest of the work requires a larger set of investors for scaling on impact. That is the "ing" part: the global action. That is the reason for walking the talk (Hexagon Dialogue). We are sure -for that moment- that you do not need to read more here, but probably you will want to make contact so we can -together- walk your talk.





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