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The Solstice makes us human stars:

We NEED love: we SEARCH and pray (re-search) for it. If you have it, enjoy it: forget about everything else.

Love arrives to those who give it to others even if they do not have it in the first place.

That is the magic of the season:

This season is really special though: after COVID-19, and after the war. We are more resilient and our majorities look like crowds of mostly "hugs-needed" beings (as humans) than what we have seen ourselves (from inside) in all our lives: so many years cannot compare how much we need love and peace, as we do by the end of 2022.

In this sense, the genius of Christ and his incarnation in poverty and youth shines now more than ever: when he teaches us that the body is capable of being the maximum pamper of the spirit: all love-driven.

Christmas is happiness. It teaches us to renounce the ego not by tradition but by putting our vanities aside to give ourselves out: full of love for our own and others, in special for those who need us most.

Merry Christmas dear ADN@+family&friends: with much love!

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