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Roberto F. Salazar Córdova

I see sustainability in two dimensions: peace and time.

I will start by the second as long as we do not have it. What we do have is leadership in every single human being. For good or for bad, we lead the world, and it is in our hands to have peace inside ourselves, among our communities, and with the planet.

Assuming leadership for making happen the historically desired peace, is something I see nowadays like being able to be a politician, an economist, an activist, a civilized, and an ecological being at the same time.


We are all called to lead. Politics is not only championing for running in elections. We can do politics for peace when we educate or do advocacy, we create incidence and raise our voice. We do.

We create Peace, we lead, we create Sustainability.


We all have an opinion over the Economy, even when we have not a degree in Economics. We all make a budget and confront scarcity and abundance of unimaginable needs. We do magic by saving resources for the future. We do.

We create pEace, we lead, we create Sustainability.


In our houses and jobs, we have a cause for which we all care. We talk and walk the talk for issues that move our will. We feel strong when we mention our most intimate social desires to a group and when we give testimony about our truthts. We do feel better when we express our feelings. We do.

We create peAce, we lead, we create Sustainability.


At the same time, we all want to live really in peace while we fight for peace. That is part of our culture. Treat others with respect is the best way to mobilize causes. Loud voices are visible, but quiet voices ar massive. We all know how to be silent when we have to keep silent. We do.

We create peaCe, we lead, we create Sustainability.


Finally, we have to raise our voice for something, with science, with data, with evidence, in a civilized but active, economic and political way. It is our time. We do have to act.

We can create peacE, we can lead, we will create Sustainability.


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