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Time and Seasons

Liza Minelli and Lady Gaga received and gave that love that fits in one image and stays over time and seasons.

Warm Wars

Meanwhile, every soul thinks as a warm war about what Will Smith did over Chris Rock's face and later explained as an act of protection. We will not show that image.

Warm Wars Seasons

Denzel Washington said something like the following: "when you are in your best season, take care of warm wars in order to be loved like Liza Minelli". He actually said that in this way:

Anyway, it's only ShowBiz...

Time Bombs

Still, Words can become Time bombs for the good (when they comfort the others), or Time Bombs when they attack (even as a joke) to a fellow member of the industry:

Time Bombs Hacking

A crisis can create a season of bad Time Bombs so, it is better to use Humor (including real Love, and sustainable PEACE) in order to Hack Time Bombs (good ones, for the better; bad ones, for the good), as explained by the Oldies (but Goodies...):

Solving problems at a party with humor, or via love and contention is a good first step for Hacking Time Bombs (for the good, or for the better).

Capitals vs Capital

Information and Ideas are Capitals (both) that can save you as a Capital Matter for avoiding bad moments for the future, and for creating good moments for the others, instead of generating explanations under the old: "I had no idea...":

Getting notice about the change of the fundamentals on business, industries, relations, and colleagues, families, polititics, environment, associations, culture, and economics, is the new normal and a key stone for not being hit by bad publicity, or by a warm war.

Capitals Pivoting

If information is power, and ideas are capitals, pivoting those capitals is key, and working on how to Hack Time Bombs for avoiding Warm Wars, sometimes by only being there in the right moment, for the right person, with the right silence, saving words and time, energy and strenght for supporting our own crises and helping our dreams inside our communities:

At the end of the days, as CODA Film states: "There are Plenty of Pretty Voices with Nothing to Say" so, better to hear those that can stay with you in silence, or those that sometimes cannot hear you for a while, but will be there, even anonimously working by your side without you noticing or with you not being noticed...

Hexagonal Capitals Pivoting

Time Bombs Hacking and Capitals Pivoting

Time Bombs Hacking and Capitals Pivoting in Warm Wars Seasons

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